Thursday, January 3, 2008

Three Cups of Tea Post 7-C

Chapter 22, page 297, "The Enemy is Ignorance": The news reporter for Parade magazine writes about Jahan. She was forceful in getting money from Mortenson. Parade advertises, gets letters--positive. Mortenson sets up "shock and awe" in his basement. He got money from people because of the magazine article. He gave raises and built a hostel in Skardu for students who continued their education. Jakub chained the school shut. Mortenson gave dynamite. The fatwa was defeated again. Bhangoo's boss, Bashir, showed explosions on TV--mad at Bush. Bhangoo dive-bombed Mubarek's house. Jahan said she wanted to be a Superlady.

Chapter 23, page 314, "Stones into Schools": Former king of Afghanistan on Mortenson's flight said US didn't live up to promises. No central banking in Afghanistan--hard to get money to the right places. Drove with Abdullah in the early morning to Faizabad. Car broke down in tunnel. Red-painted rocks. Rolled downhill in car. In the middle of battle, Mortenson drove away in goatskin truck. Driver fasting for Ramadan throughout the day. Went to Sadhar Khan. Discussed schools.

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