Thursday, January 3, 2008

Three Cups of Tea Post 7-A

Figurative language:
1. "Then three of the stars detached themselves from the heavens and drifted down to welcome the village of Korphe's visitors" (297; ch. 22). This is a metaphor, because the author is comparing the village leader and his friends to stars.
2. "Thanks to Mortenson, the students who studied within their stone walls had become each village's most carefully tended crop" (311; ch. 22). This is a metaphor, because he is comparing raising children to growing crops.
3. "Groups of men in flowing white robes floated between the town's lantern-lit all-night tea stands like benevolent spirits..." (318; ch. 23). This is a simile, because he's using "like" to compare the men to ghosts because they seem spooky.

1. limning (321; ch. 23): v. drawing the outline of something.
2. fusillade (323; ch. 23): n. continuous shooting.

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