Sunday, November 18, 2007

Three Cups of Tea Post 1-C

Introduction through Chapter 4

In the introduction, David Oliver Relin was flying in a helicopter to the place at which the book takes place. He then tells all the great things about Greg Mortenson.

He describes his failure at bringing Christa's bracelet to the top of the mountain K2. He explains what had happened last time he was there: Etienne had become paralyzed by going up the mountain too fast.

Then he met up with Mouzafer Ali, the porter. Mortenson got lost again though, and he ended up in Korphe. He was treated well by Haji Ali. Greg said he promised that he would build a school for him.

Mortenson returned to America, and goes into a storage closet. He described his childhood and his experience with his sister, Christa.

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