Saturday, November 24, 2007

Three Cups of Tea Post 2-B

I'm not sure what to think of all this. It seems as if every time Greg Mortenson tries to work with people, they try to trick him.

For example, Ali was constantly trying to persuade Mortenson to buy his lumber, as I mentioned in my last post. He was giving Mortenson orange soda to get him in a good mood, but at least he didn't give him alcohol. But that wasn't as bads as the other happenings.

When Greg came to the village of Khane, he was introduced in a unexpected way:
"I wish to thank Mr. Girek Mortenson for honoring us and coming to build a school for Khane village," Janjungpa said.
"A school for Khane?" Mortenson croaked, almost choking on the chicken.
"Yes, one school, as you promised," Janjungpa said, gazing intently around the circle of
men as he spoke, as if delivering a summation to a jury. "A climbing school." (88; ch. 8)
Akhmalu jumped in and argued that he would build a school for the children of Khane. Mortenson was going to build a school for the children of Korphe. This began a heated debate about which was true, and the argument lasted for four hours, while everyone ignored Greg completely. This had been a set-up. Greg had been invited to a feast so that the community could influence him to build a Khane school.

Later, Changazi claimed to have shifted Greg Mortenson's school supplies over to his other office. When Greg arrived in Kuardu, another feast was held. "'I can promise you no arguments. They have already agreed to see that your school is built in our village before winter'" (93; ch. 8). Mortenson left the room instantly.

Although Greg Mortenson was being constantly harassed by the people of different villages, I don't altogether blame them. In a rich community like ours, a school is a must, as the government provides them. We take it for granted. However, in a poor country like Kuardu, that is not the case. But schools are still thought of as being important there, and I suppose everyone deserves to go to school.

From the front and back cover, I assume that the Korphe school was completed, and perhaps Greg went back to Khane and Kuardu to make schools for them, too.

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