Saturday, November 24, 2007

Three Cups of Tea Post 2-A

1. quixotic (53): adj. chivalrous, idealistic, or impractical.
2. dacoit (91): n. A gang member in India or Myanmar.

Significant quote:
"Finally, Ali adjusted the crisp white prayer cap on his head and stroked his long beard before naming a figure. Abdul shot up out of his cross-legged crouch and clasped his forehead as if he'd been shot. He began shouting in a wailing, chanting voice ripe with insult" (65; ch. 6). Abdul Shah was helping Greg Mortenson buy materials for his school. They were buying lumber from a man named Ali. He was constantly trying to prove to Mortenson what a good deal it was, having his son jump up and down on the wood, in comparison to other wood. It sounds just like buying a car!

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