Saturday, December 1, 2007

Three Cups of Tea Post 3-B

Mortenson's life has taken a sharp turn for the better. During Chapter 9, Mortenson's girlfriend left him, and he was fired (101; ch. 9). To add to that, the school wasn't getting anywhere either. In order to bring the school supplies to Korphe, they needed a bridge (97; ch. 8)!

However, Mortenson soon met his wife, Tara Bishop, at mountaineer celebration (130; ch. 11). Also, Greg met Ghulam Parvi, an accountant of Changazi. He helped Greg get back the building materials, although some of them had been stolen by Changazi (137-138; ch. 12). Jean Hoerni decided to make a company for Greg's school to create one school per year (145). Finally, the men of Korphe cooperated very well and helped build the foundation for Greg's school (ch. 12).

Greg certainly could have given up during chapter 9, but he continued to follow his dream of the school. I must admit, however, that there was as much luck involved as there was persistence!

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