Saturday, December 15, 2007

Three Cups of Tea Post 5-C

Chapters 17-19

Chapter 17: "Cherry Trees in the Sand" Bombing, Fatima Batool's sister died. Many people died. Had tea with Taliban people. They pump water for the refugee camp. Eventually, that place advanced.

Chapter 18: "Shrouded Figure" Shows presentations in US for money. Newspapers wrote about Mornenson. Complaints about Greg being unreliable. Went to weird old woman's house. Went dogsledding. Went to honor Mother Teresa. Mortenson nagged for money by lots of people. Worried about fighting. Had Khyber Bishop Mortenson.

Chapter 19: "A Village Called New York" Mortenson saw many Wahhabi madrassa buildings, which brainwashed. Inaugurated CAI water projects with George McCown and Faisal Baig. Musharraf became ruler of Pakistan. Ahmed Shah Massoud murdered by Al Qaeda. Heard about 9/11. Kuardu late inauguration with Syed Abbas. McCown flew away. Haji Ali was dead.

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