Saturday, December 8, 2007

Three Cups of Tea Post 4-C

Chapters 13 through 16

Chapter 13: "A Smile Should Be More Than a Memory" Mortenson went to Peshawar, but he was captured.

Chapter 14: "Equilibrium" Mortenson returned home, and Tara had a baby named Amira Eliana Mortenson. They finished the school in Korphe. He shows the picture of the school to Jean Hoerni, and he dies soon after that, leaving a million dollars to the Central Asia Institute.

Chapter 15: "Mortenson in Motion" The sher of Chakpo declared a fatwa against Mortenson. CAI meetings at hotel to discuss new projects. Mortenson decides to build three new schools. Pakhora, Kuardu, and Ranga. He met Syed Abbas Risvi, a Shia scholar. Held inauguration ceremony for Korphe school, opened.

Chapter 16: "Red Velvet Box" Got approval from supreme Shia council in Qom, Iran, in box. Gets lots of requests. Jan Junkpa told police he was Indian spy. Mohammed Aslam Khan (story of going to school) asked for school.

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