Saturday, December 1, 2007

Three Cups of Tea Post 3-C

Chapter 9 through 12

Chapter 9: The People Have Spoken: Greg was fired and dumped by his girlfriend. Mortenson started staying at Witold Dudzinski's appartment, which wasn't pleasant. Mortenson was mugged. He called Jean again.

Chapter 10: Mortenson ordered the bridge cable. He stayed in Changazi's house for awhile. The truck carrying the cable was blocked, so the Korphe villagers carried it. Then Mortenson went hunting with Twaha and others. Then they finished the bridge.

Chapter 11: Six Days: Mortenson turned down Marina when she tried to come back to him. Then he met and married Tara Bishop.

Chapter 12: Haji Ali's Lesson: Ghulam Parvi helped Mortenson get most of his school materials back. Then they built the foundation of the school. Haji Ali told Mortenson that he couldn't read.

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